#womenwelove Jen & Suzie from Foxy Originals

#womenwelove Jen & Suzie from Foxy Originals

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Meet the women behind @FoxyOriginals, a top-selling jewelry design company founded in 1998. Co-founders Suzie Chemel and Jennifer Ger met when they were 19 and discovered a mutual love in creating jewelry during a car ride. The two budding entrepreneurs soon started making and selling beaded necklaces at festivals, concerts and boutiques. A few months later, Foxy Originals was official born in a dorm room.  The two hard-working women in university grew their customer base and received accolades like the CIBC Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Suzie and Jennifer weren’t just creative, they also had business creds. Armed with prestigious business degrees from @WesternUniversity, the two turned down lucrative jobs to go all-in to grow @FoxyOriginals.

Today, @FoxyOriginals jewelry can be found online at foxyoriginals.com and in over 600 boutiques and gift shops in North America. They also create custom lines for Mattel™, Hello Kitty™, Nike™ and Umbra™. The Foxy Originals story was even written up in Harvard Business Review as a business success story.

Keys to success from Foxy Originals:

“When we started our company, we were often told that partnerships tend not to work out. I think that a huge key to our success has been to have a partner who shares similar values and has the same shared interest in what is best for our company. Taking leaps and challenges alone is often daunting. We are so lucky to have each other to bounce ideas, take risks and share these unique experiences with” — Suzie

“Set a big vision and be relentless in your drive to make it happen.  When you come across a bump in the road that gets between you and your vision, find people who have been there before and embrace their expertise to help you navigate through it” — Jen

We HoneyMoneyMakers agree 100%.

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