Why women need more money

Why women need more money

Did you know that in 2017 U.S. women earned an average of $39,988 per year while men earned $49,192? (2017 US Bureau of Statistics). This means women earned on average 80% what men earned. Do you still need a reason why women need to find ways to make more money? We don’t!

Take it from @sallie.krawcheck once known as “the most powerful woman on Wall Street”. She founded @ellevest an online investment firm aimed at helping women create wealth for themselves. It’s reshaping an industry that was originally created by men, for men.

Here’s why she says women need more money.

More money is

  • “Take this job and shove it” money.
  • “Start your dream business” money.
  • “Take your hands off my ass” money.
  • “I’m leaving you” money.

Amen to that, Sallie!

Women supporting women. 💪 💰 💗

Share your reasons for having more money.

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