What did you buy with your first paycheque?

What did you buy with your first paycheque?

First kiss. First job. First deal.

Firsts are special. We’re curious. What did you do with your first big paycheque?

I remember my first big job after grad school, I bought a cashmere-wool Burberry coat (Yes, the HoneyMoneyMakers really like Burberry). Years earlier, a Carl Jungian therapist told me that coats represent the safe and secure embrace of a protector, so a beautiful coat is perhaps an understandable desire. But then, some of us just simply LOVE Burberry coats!

So that month, having spent most of my budget on this coat, my nights consisted of boxed macaroni and not going out. Every morning I’d slide into the soft, silky arms and admire the elegant silhouette of my new classy coat from my first big job.

10 years later, I still have it. It’s not as posh and looks like it’s been through a few snowstorms and house moves, but it still represents the pride and joy of my first pay cheque that I worked long and hard to earn.

What did you buy with your first paycheque?
Do you have a favorite item?
How important are material things to you?
Do you agree with Marie Kondo that things should #SparkJoy

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