What basketball taught me

What basketball taught me

What do you do when you’re down and out, or facing a threat? That’s what a basketball game made me think about. Yes. A basketball game.

I was at a game the other day and I witnessed a team lead by a wide margin for much of the game, only to lose the lead in the closing minutes.  Not only that, they faced several obvious bad calls from the referees in the last 2 minutes. There was frustration, anger, disbelief.  But instead of panicking or giving up, the players kept their cool, fought like there’s no tomorrow and ultimately clinched the win by one basket with 2 seconds to go.  It was exciting to watch such determination, grit and discipline during moments of adversity.  And it left me in awe of the team’s effort.

It made me reflect on how I react when I’m under attack, when I fear that I may lose everything.  Do I have the same nerve to stay calm, think clearly, and fight like hell? Or do I run the other way or pretend it’s not happening?

I confess I have done both in the past. But next time a crisis appears – maybe I may lose a client, or my job, or my investment – I will remind myself how these incredible athletes fought, and fought, and never gave up.

I’m no professional athlete. But I am one tough chick.

Never surrender.  Never give up.

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