We’re back!

We’re back!

Oh hello there, Honey. Did you miss us?

You may have noticed we took a little time off the gram and didn’t even let you know … We weren’t ghosting you. We’ve just been working on a top secret, super exciting, next phase for HoneyMoneyMakers. And, we’re so pumped to tell you about it.

Just not today.

What we *would* like to talk about tonight is mono-tasking – the opposite of the ever popular multi-tasking. Heck ya, we *know* that there are not enough hours in the day to give every task your undivided, present attention. We get it. We’re all too familiar with our multitasking mornings: drinking our morning cuppa while listening to news while making sure no errant hairs are making a surprise appearance while checking that other human beings are doing what they need to do to get out the door at the right time. Multi-tasking is an essential skill in our culture of busy.

But we drop multitasking for mono-tasking when the task deserves our πŸ’― attention. It may be when we’re chatting with a friend, considering which stocks to add or take out of our portfolio, or meeting an important client.

For us, these last few months we were focused on Phase 2 of HoneyMoneyMakers. Our time and energy are limited. This project deserves our best. So we had to say no to some things in order to say a full-hearted, mindful and focused yes to that which really mattered πŸ’˜

So yes we were gone. Yes we’re back. And yes we’re still focused on the HoneyMoneyMakers message.

Now we have questions for you: πŸ’˜what do you want to focus on this month?
And, πŸ’˜when do you mono-task in your life?

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