Create wealth on your own terms

Create wealth on your own terms

Lately we’ve been talking about not waiting for the “perfect” moment when you are “ready” to leap. Well, here’s one woman who leapt and tackled her dreams and ambition head on and has become a successful trader, investor, author and sought-after financial media personality. Here’s Sarah Potter, founder of @youcantrade, in her own words, on her chosen path.

“This week I’ve been mindful of how lucky I feel to be able to work from anywhere. We took the girls for their first ski trip and we have all been having so much fun.

“As I reflect on my career choices, I’m grateful to have taken the risk of leaving the traditional 9-5 and love that I can work the morning from the resort and enjoy a perfect afternoon of spring skiing with my girls.”

Amazing – not to mention you can make a very comfortable living doing this. HoneyMoneyMakers will be doing a lot more with Sarah as she makes a trader out of us – and you too. Join us and stay tuned for more on how you can learn to trade and create wealth on your own terms.

This, is what we’re talking about.

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