This is why mindset matters

This is why mindset matters

Mindset absolutely matters.

I purposely tested myself today. We all have demons. And when they arise, can trigger negative thoughts, self-doubt, or downright destructive behavior in us. It could be as simple as someone telling you your idea isn’t going to work, you seeing your credit card bills, or someone who has done you harm pops into your head.

One of those little demons showed up for me this morning, and I went straight down the rabbit hole. But I chose not to play into the demon’s hands.

What did I do to escape the negative mindset?
1. Stop engaging with the negative thoughts, and definitely not act;
2. Realize this is an old pattern and not scold myself for still letting it hang around;
3. Find another thought, idea, action to replace the negative one (I got in my car and drove to get some healthy and yummy food);
4. Be patient and kind to myself, and allow for things to happen.

Guess what, when my attention switched from the negative thought to a neutral or positive one, things started happening. Energy shifted almost immediately, and here’s how it went:
A. “Time of my life” from Dirty Dancing, a song that always lifts my spirits came on and I sang to it full throated in the car. I probably looked a tad weird to other drivers, but who cares?
B. The negative trigger that happened a mere minutes ago – poof – gone;
C. Two or three ideas emerged that could solve a challenge/problem for our business;
4. Excitment and gratitude filled me, replacing any feelings of fear, anger or lack;
5. I could now enjoy my day in a present, creative, and grateful state.

So mindset matters, and we can change our mindset and see results almost instantaneously. Make your mindset work for you today.

Let’s end this post with the immortal words from Dirty Dancing theme song, shall we?

I’ve had the time of my life.
No, I never felt this way before.
Yes I swear it’s the truth.
And I owe it all to you.

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