The good place

The good place

People have been telling me I seem so happy lately. “You’re in a good place,” they say. Has that ever happened to you? A number of unrelated people remark on your overall contentedness? When was it and what was happening in your life then?

I am happy. I’m taking care of myself, and I guess it’s showing. A year ago, not so much. What’s changed for me in one year’s time? Let’s see: new job; new multiple sources of income; a new business collaboration with friends; a healthy, loving and fun relationship; a new approach to managing my finances; and a new wellness regime, which includes routines that support my physical and mental health.

What do all of these elements have in common? It took a period (sometimes weeks, sometimes months) of deep unhappiness before I prepared myself and moved on to be ready for the new thing. For most, I had to have faith that the right thing, person or place was around the corner, because where I was at was no longer working for me. It’s like that Marie Kondo routine: if something is no longer giving you joy, thank it for the good times it gave you, and then let it go.

What has changed for you in a year?

Can you remember the last time people remarked on how good you seemed or looked?

What are you grateful for?

What are you willing to let go of?

Tell us in comments.

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