The art of making money with a financial therapist

The art of making money with a financial therapist

Many professed “creative” people have a conflicted relationship with money. This notion has been romanticized by movies where the “bohemian” character struggles with finances while succeeds with art.

I struggled with this belief for many years. I even went to a financial therapist who works exclusively with musicians, artists, writers and other creative people who struggle with money management. One of the tips she taught me was to value the time I spent on a project. Writing is a creative pursuit and doesn’t occur on a traditional 9-5 clock. She also had me challenging notions about money that I had  created — and held onto — as a child that were false and no longer helping me.

One of those was that creative people can’t be good at managing money. Well, this is false narrative. Artists and other creatives can be just as financially savvy as anyone else, you just have to look hard at the stories you’ve been telling yourself about money, and change those stories that don’t serve you any more.   Then get disciplined and do the work.

This may be best exemplified by some quotes in Ask E. Jean, Elle Magazine’s amazing advice columnist. In her 25th anniversary column published in October 2010, she wrote this:

If you’re struggling for your “art,” stop making it about the art and start making it about the money. Be Basquiat in your ambition, Botticelli in your dedication, and Buffett with your bottom line. Or, in Andy Warhol’s words, “Making money is art.”

So let’s discover the art of making money — as well as the art of spending it and sharing it — together! In future posts, I’m going to be interviewing female financial advisors, investors and creative leaders who are thriving in this art form.  I’m excited and can’t wait to have you on the journey.

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