Supportive words (and action)

Supportive words (and action)

@mikabrzezinski of @knowyourvalue issued a challenge today, on #EqualPayDay, to pick a woman and show her she has value.  Lift her up.  Help her out.  A big or a small gesture.

So here was mine. Our friend @starbeastgg posted a pic of his friend @michellehjl who’s been battling #mentalhealth and #eatingdisorder, and asked us to give her a follow.  I happily obliged and gave her some supportive words.

I wrote: “Remember you are strong. You are brave. You are enough. Most of all, you are not alone.” This struck up a heartwarming exchange with this girl who was a perfect stranger to me before today.  But to know that if I had been able to lift her up just a little, and make her feel worthy and valued, then that is as much a gift for me.

So thank you, @starbeastgg for doing this lovely deed today. And thank you @michellehjl for being so sweet and gracious in receiving my words. I already know this strong girl will pay it forward by sharing her journey to wholeness.  I am with you 100% of the way.  If you stumble, I will be here to give you a hand.  We all stumble, and we should all be lucky enough to have a helping hand, no matter where that comes from.

My final ask, is what @starbeastgg asked, let’s give @michellehjl a follow as she courageously shares her struggles.

No woman should have to struggle so hard because of her self image.  The world does judge the appearance of a woman more harshly than that of a man.  Women have had to endure side looks and hushed tones from gratuitous comments on their looks.  It’s time women know their value and stop accepting any behavior that devalues their worth. Ask for what they deserve because of their value and ability.  And let’s make it unnecessary to have #equalpayday one day soon.

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