Start before you’re ready

Start before you’re ready

“I’m not ready to start my business, to leave my job, to make a change.”  I’m sure this sounds familiar especially if you’re one to be super prepared before you tackle anything. But is there really any moment when you are “ready”?

Who defines “ready”? Just ask any parent whether they were “ready” to become a mom or dad, or an entrepreneur who’s actually started a business. The answer is either, “you can never be ready enough”, or “you are ready when you say you’re ready”. In either case, there is no magic moment.

I recently spoke to one tech entrepreneur and investor who had achieved significant success, and he told me if there’s one thing he would tell a budding entrepreneur, it is this: “Start before you’re ready. Just do it. If you fail, you fail, and you will learn a ton from something not working out. Then do it again, and again.”

The message for success is clear. Start…before you are ready.

Let’s do this.

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