Set your sights high, and be a badass at making money

Set your sights high, and be a badass at making money

How determined you are determines your outcome. Say that again like you really mean it: How determined you are determines your outcome.

Let’s be honest. How determined are you really to achieve your goal? Whether it’s getting in shape or getting a business off the ground, are you really into it 100%? Or are you taking two steps forward and one step back?

Choosing to get what you want means that you have to make that choice your priority above all others.

No one knows this better than @jensincero the #1 NY Times bestselling author, coach, former rocker and all-over badass. Before her motivational and educational writing and coaching career took off, she was struggling to make ends meet, and her mindset was ass-backwards. She had an unhealthy relationship with money. For many years she struggled and lived paycheque to paycheque because deep down she didn’t believe that she deserved enough money to truly thrive in life. She writes all about mastering the mindset of wealth in her book “You are a Badass at Making Money” – I highly recommend taking a read! “You need to be ruthless with yourself because you’re not only growing a new moneymaking mindset, you’re battling a whole lot of subconscious beliefs about money that you’ve probably never faced before,” writes Sincero in a chapter called Your Mental MoneyMaker.

And, don’t forget that in your journey toward your dreams and goals, there’s going to be naysayers, challenges and frustrations. But you have to want your dreams more than you want your drama.

So keep your eyes on the prize, HoneyMoneyMakers. Stay determined on your dreams, and let go of the excuses (and the drama) for good. (That’s one of our co-founders pictured at the @unico2087 resort in Mexico)

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