Were you raised to be perfect?

Were you raised to be perfect?

The message that girls should be perfect runs deep. We live in a world where perfection, youth and beauty are paramount – especially for women.

The sentiment often starts in the family – and believe it or not, from the mother. And that’s likely because she too was raised to be perfect. I remember one time, when I was a young girl, I was at a dinner with my parents’ friends. They were all old (so I thought then) and there was no one remotely near my age. But I put on a friendly and smiley face, didn’t complain, and acted like I was glad to be there, even though I was bored beyond belief.

My mother rarely, and I mean rarely, ever complimented me on anything. But after dinner that night, my mother turned to me and said, “I’m proud of you for being so friendly and smiling at people tonight. I was impressed”.

The fact that I remember that incident so clearly even now tells me what an impact that one act had on me – a daughter who craved approval from the mom, only to get it for “acting” sweet and smiley. Thinking about that is still painful, as it sent the message that I had to act perfectly to get the approval and love that I sought.

And ever since, I tried to be perfect at everything I did. I was an “A” student, and excelled in just about everything that I tried. And you know why? That’s because I would never try anything that I wasn’t reasonably sure that I would be good at. It also kept me from speaking my mind as I always feared I wasn’t saying the right things.

I know lots of women feel this way. And I would bet that’s one of the reasons why so many women stay away from getting into finance – for fear that they wouldn’t be “perfect” at it.

So we wait. We wait for the perfect time. We wait until we know enough. Well ladies, there is no perfect time. And every moment can be the perfect time.It’s time now.

It’s time we take our financial future in our own hands. To know whatever we know or do is good enough. To be proud of ourselves for tackling our fears.

You got this. We got this xo.

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