Our wish for you on International Women’s Day

Our wish for you on International Women’s Day

I’ve agonized over finding the perfect image for our post for International Women’s Day. I went through a pile of great photos of women, girls, but none conveyed the energy that I was looking for, even though I wasn’t sure what that was….until I saw this one. And right away, I knew. I never know where inspiration for a post comes from.

There are hundreds of thoughts and thousands of women we could write about to celebrate this special day. But rather, this image inspired me to zone in on the strength, clarity and power. And from this inspiration, here’s what #HoneyMoneyMakers wish for Womankind:

*Take charge of our lives, our destiny
*Know and use our strength to go after what we want
*Inspire and lead others with clarity
*Be fearless in our pursuits
*Be confident in our choices
*Fight for what we believe in
*Use our strength, without losing our feminine gifts
*Don’t wish for that unicorn. Create it and ride it ourselves
*Be bold. Wield our power, our beauty, our uniqueness
*Be compassionate, especially to those in need, and have suffered.

In sum, embrace the power, the joy and spirit of being a woman.

We send our love to women around the world, from the bottom of our hearts.

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