Why do we care about money?

Because money gives us the ability and freedom to pursue our dreams. Freedom to live the life you want. Ability to look after the ones you love.

Choice to say, “Yes” and the right to say, “No”.

Which is why we, HoneyMoneyMakers, live by the creed, Smart with money. Rich in life™.

HoneyMoneyMakers is a team of women entrepreneurs and friends in business, media and finance, and we are on a mission to make every woman Smart with money. Rich in life™.

We will tackle every money topic that touches your life. How to make it, spend it, and share it.

From knowing how to splurge or save, to how to ask for that raise, to having the knowhow to invest confidently in your future – whether in the stock market or in real estate - we will tap the minds of the people who have "been there, and done that" to show you how to get in the money game.

We will be your coach and your cheerleader. And we promise, we will have loads of fun along the way.

So get ready to hop on the ride in style to financial freedom together.

After all, you are money, honey!