Need a confidence boost? Get your power pose on!

Need a confidence boost? Get your power pose on!

HoneyMoneyMakers are always talking about the importance of mindset – that the right mindset is a prerequisite to success, any kind of success.  But did you know how you hold your body can have a directly impact on your mindset? That’s the finding of Amy Cuddy, psychologist, NYT best-selling author, and the holder of the 2nd most viewed TED Talk of all time (over 51 million views)! Simply put, Cuddy’s research suggests that by commanding a powerful stance (like Wonder Woman), we can make ourselves actually feel more powerful, and that this ‘power pose’ will instantly boost our confidence levels.

Cuddy’s #powerpose became all the rage in 2012, but has come under attack since by some sectors of academia.  But last year, Cuddy successfully defended her findings in a new study that supported her initial conclusions. Why was Cuddy attacked? Jealousy, perhaps? Envious of the remarkable attention Cuddy has received, perhaps? There is data to suggest that ambitious, successful women are not liked. Sounds familiar? How dare a woman command such attention in another male-dominated profession?

Want to boost your confidence? Here’s what you do:

1. Read Amy Cuddy’s book, “Presence”
2. Strike a power pose.

After all, @amycuddy and @madonna can’t both be wrong.

Can’t wait to read Amy’s next book, #BulliesBystandersBravehearts

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