Mindset is boss

Mindset is boss

What you believe moment to moment drives not only how you feel, but it can actually create outcomes that you want.

The sun was shining the other day, which instantly puts me in a positive frame of mind, and I went about with my “to do’s” when “fires” appeared, all involving “challenging” personalities and “problems”. But I decided instead of dreading the tasks, I just dealt with them without thinking how difficult and unpleasant this was going to be.  I focused only on my actions, not the problems, and not how everyone else thought things were certainly going to go. 

Guess what? All three issues got resolved so “unexpectedly” smoothly, and the personalities behaved so reasonably and warmly that it made me wonder why I thought they were difficult to begin with.  So what changed? Certainly not people’s personalities overnight. The only thing that changed was my mindset going into the day.  I had a mindset of “nothing is a problem”, and “things will get solved”. I didn’t do affirmations, nor did I close my eyes tightly to think “positively”. But I felt it in my body that everything is just fine.  And THAT is the key.  You have to just feel it, believe it and not sweat it.  And as one very wise friend said to me, she calls it “do without doing”. I came upon a business coach on LinkedIn this week who said that he believes in mindset, but it only works after you have money.  Well, I couldn’t disagree more.  And I am kicking myself for not writing down the name of this individual because I so want to have a discussion on this.  If anyone came across the same article/video and knows his name, please let me know.

Anyhow, as the quote in the photo says:  GOOD VIBES ONLY. xo

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