Make DUMBO goals, not SMART ones

Make DUMBO goals, not SMART ones

“What does that mean? Setting goals doesn’t work?”  That’s right. We don’t think the conventional way to set goals works for most people, and here’s why.

So many of us are used to going through the exercise (or motion) of setting goals at the start of every year.  And some of us are incredibly sophisticated in how we do this.  For example, there’s a popular goal setting process called, SMART, which stands for setting goals that are:

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Attainable/Achievable
R = Realistic
T = Timebound.

Sounds pretty good, right?  And in a way, yes. They give you a specific set of parameters that defines your goal.  For instance. Take our case.  We just started this blog, so a goal for us using this system could be getting 1,000 followers in the first 3 months, a goal that fits all the SMART criteria.  But here’s why we think it could fall down.

Unless you’re are almost superhuman (what we mean is you are the type of person who doesn’t let setbacks, roadblocks, unpleasant surprises get you down, scared or discouraged, and you are super-disciplined and fearless to march on no matter what life throws at you), then setting SMART goals is absolutely the way to go. But for most of us mortals, not reaching our goals can be a devastatingly depressing experience, and could kill our motivation, our enthusiasm, our drive.  It could make us question ourselves, fill us with doubt, and steal our confidence.  So that is the main reason why we think the potential negative impact of this type of goalsetting could outweigh the positives.

Does that mean we don’t set goals at all? Absolutely not.  But here’s how HoneyMoneyMakers do it. We call it the DUMBO method.  Keep in mind this is just what works for us. Try it out and see if you think it could work better for you too.

Here’s what DUMBO stands for:

D = Dream
U = Be Unspecific
M = Be Mindful of the journey
B = Believe
O = Obsess

1. Dream.  Instead of making realistic or achievable goals, set goals that are dream-worthy! Why?  Because if you don’t get there, you’re not going to feel so deflated and depressed because it was an outrageous goal to begin with. And if you get even close to your dream, you’ll be higher than even the most reasonable projections.

2. Be Unspecific.
Crazy, right? What we mean is this.  Don’t pin yourself down to statements like “make $100,000 this year”.  Instead, it could be “make more money this year, whether it be $80,000, $100,000 or $250,000”.  Or instead of saying “increase my customer base by 10 percent”, make it “grow my customer base whether it’s 1% or 100%”.  OK.  You’re probably questioning this approach.  What’s the advantage in being so vague?  How can I get my head around that? Here’s the deal. Whatever “measurable” number we assign to our goal, that number is pure fantasy.  We don’t know how it’s going to go.  It could go badly, or it could go so well beyond our dreams.  But by putting one specific number to our goals, we are actually creating limits for ourselves. We are setting a ceiling, not a floor. By being unspecific, you are ridding yourself of limits.

3. Be Mindful of the journey, not the destination.
This is so the KEY.  We need every ounce of focus and energy to do what we need to do in order to succeed.  But with a goal always dangling in my minds, it takes just that much or even a little piece of our attention away from our tasks at hand.  And if it looks like we aren’t on course to achieve our goal within the time that we self-assigned to ourselves, that could have an even more negative impact on our ability to focus.

The science is clear.  One study found that just 2.5 percent of people (those superhumans that I mentioned above “add funny emoji”) are able to multitask effectively. And when the rest of us attempt to do two complex activities simultaneously, it is simply an illusion (Source: Cleveland Clinic).  We are more “in the flow” and more effective when we are totally immersed in the very thing we are doing right NOW.  So give it 100% and focus all your attention and efforts on whatever you are doing to move toward your dream goal. Learn every single thing you can from what you are doing at the present moment, and let that lead you to the next step, the next action, the next achievement, no matter how big or how small.

Enjoy the process, every step of the way.  If you can do this, you will continue to be motivated, inspired, excited about what you’re doing.  And that is the key to success.

4. Believe.
We wholeheartedly believe that you must wholeheartedly believe in your dreams and in yourself in order to achieve your “goals”. But sometimes it’s not so easy.  So we at HoneyMoneyMakers are here to remind you that you can do this.  We will be your guide and cheerleader. You will learn, grow and achieve. Your mindset sets the direction of your objectives. Believe in yourself. No doubt (Gwen Stefani).

5. Obsess.
Remember a goal is not a plan. It is a guiding light.  To have a shot at getting anywhere near the goal, especially if it’s an outrageous one, you need to have a plan and execute. Look, you may not need to pull an Elon Musk and sleep on a cot at the factory, but it does take a level of obsession to reach success, however high that mountaintop may be.

We’d love you to share if you think our DUMBO goal setting philosophy is plain dumb, or if it makes good sense.😊. Try it out and let us know what you think.

So…are you a SMART or DUMBO goal seeker?😊

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