Let’s talk lingerie

Let’s talk lingerie

Let’s talk lingerie. Sexy, feminine, makes you feel beautiful and womanly….but can be very, very expensive. A sweet set of La Perla from France can run you $1,000, and a silk robe for a mere $1,800.  Not every woman, or man, can afford La Perla.  If Victoria Secret is more your speed or budget, you could easily still be paying $100 a shot.  And some women habitually purchase lingerie, spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year.

Buying lingerie can be a highly sensual and emotional experience.  It’s like an instant boost to your confidence, an injection of belief that you are irresistible.

But all that comes at a price. $1,000 spent on lingerie could have been put into a savings account, an investment fund, a stock, all of which gives you an opportunity to grow your money. If you’re an entrepreneur, you know it could be used to market your products or services online, or to purchase that graphics software that will make all your ads and communications look just that much better.

So before you take out your credit card for your next lingerie purchase in search of that momentary endorphins kick, think about what else you could do with that money.

But more importantly, HoneyMoneyMakers want to remind you that true sexiness comes not from a flimsy piece of undergarment, no matter how lovely, that may not even stay on your body for all that long, but from how comfortable you are in your own skin.

An enchanting smile, a knowing glance may be all you need to feel truly beautiful.

Tell us below what makes you feel sexy.

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