Is this $1500 plate of sushi on your #bucketlist?

Is this $1500 plate of sushi on your #bucketlist?

We talk a lot about being smart and discipline with your money. Save. Invest. Spend wisely. True. But what I want to talk about today may not, at first blush, fall neatly into one of those categories. This morning, I have decided to add an item on my bucket list. It may sound like a frivolous desire. I don’t care. It is firmly on the list.

What is it? Sushi! You must be wondering, “What? You have to put sushi on your bucket list?”. Well, this isn’t your average sushi. To be specific, it’s a bento box, ekiben, in Japanese. And this is the mother of all bento boxes – a $1,600 bento box you can only get in Nikko, Japan, located just north of Tokyo.

Here’s why a US$1,600 bento box is on my bucket list. The ingredients are the best of the best. Using traditional Japanese methods, each sumptious bite is prepared with the utmost care and pride aimed to produce the utmost pleasure to each of the senses. All of these delights are served in a handcrafted woodcarved box, in a style of craftsmanship whose origins goes back to the 17th century. The box is finished with a hand-laquering process, with a sprinkle of gold dust for good measures.

This may sound like an over-the-top extravagant pleasure. And it is. But to me, it is Japanese culture in a box. The masters made sure every single element of the experience is grounded in tradition, artistry, craftsmanship, ensuring every detail is done with care, pride and reverance. How many times can we say we experience life that way?

This experience may be your cup of tea (or sushi). But whatever makes it onto your bucket list, make a plan to fulfill it. $1,600 is a lot of money (not to mention transportation cost). But it is absolutely doable if you plan for it. Make a list of your expenses that are discretionary, and decide which ones can be eliminated. For example, if you spend $50 a month on mani-pedis, well, maybe you can do your own nails. What about massages and facials? Those expensive coffees daily? You can save over $1,000/year by ridding non-essential expenses.

Having a goal can inspire you to roll up your sleeves and be even smarter with your money.

What is the most outrageous experience you desire?

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