Is it time to filter your friends?

Is it time to filter your friends?

“We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” You’ve probably heard this phrase before, and I totally agree.

Have you ever noticed how your own mood can change depending who you’re around?  There are some people who always lift my spirits, just by being who they are (like my trusty hairstylist :)) But then there are those who just drain my energy. And despite the hardcore quote from yesterday’s post, it’s hard to not let things or people rock us sometimes.

So how do we choose who we spend our time with? And does that mean physical time? Or more likely these days, online time? Both. Yes. That is the world that we now live in.

But I just came across a study on social influence by Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler that says we have to be aware of those in our orbit way beyond our 5 closest.  It says we are the average of ALL the people who surround us, no matter how near or far.

Of course the top 5 have the most influence on us, but apparently, so would others in the farther edges of our social circle.  And that makes sense.  All you need is that one bad apple. That one negative, jealous, vindictive voice.  Unfortunately, that one voice could affect others, who in turn impact more people, and so on.

The Big Takeaway:
Take a close look at who’s in our circle, no matter how far from the core they may be.  Identify that one bad apple. Eliminate it.  Cut all ties. You would be doing yourself and others a favour, because those around you can have a tremendous impact on both your mindset and your energy.

Can you think of one bad apple that you need to cut out of you life?

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