Is it time to breakup with your boss?

Is it time to breakup with your boss?

Valentine’s Day is over. Is it time to break up? With your boss, that is.

Let’s take a poll. 1. Do you love your job? 2. Think of your job as just a paycheque? 3. Hate your job? If your answer is either 2 or 3, chances are there is something wrong with your relationship with your boss. A recent Gallup survey found between 50 to 75% of people who quit their jobs leave primarily to get away from their bosses. So the question is, how do you know if it’s time to break up with your boss?

One day as I was doing my best thinking, which usually happens in the shower, it dawned on me that the reasons people stay or leave a job they aren’t happy with are no different from the reasons people stay in an unhappy relationship.

Here are some reasons why people don’t leave:
1. Fear they can’t find another job/man/woman
2. Low esteem from prolonged abuse, mistreatment or devaluation of their worth
3. “Loyalty” – It’s in quotes because it’s just code for “fear”
4. What would other people think?
5. Will I have enough money to live on until I find another job?
6. I’ll be all alone.

It’s never easy to leave. But ask yourself these questions:
• Do you dread going to work?
• Does being at work drain you of mental and physical energy?
• Does work put you in a bad mood more often than not?
• Does your boss undermine your worth far more often than acknowledge your value?

If your answer is Yes to all or most, then take a hard look at why you are staying put in your job. • Is it a situation that you can change?

Please don’t ever think that your boss will change. We are not saying you should quit, but be really clear on why you are staying, and whether you can live under those

This is why it is so important for women to be financially sound, which gives us the freedom and courage to say, “enough is enough. I deserve better”. So let’s get going on becoming financially independent, so that we are all free to make the choices that are right for us. Stay with HoneyMoneyMakers for upcoming articles on how to grow your net worth.

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