Is a personal fitness trainer worth the money?

Is a personal fitness trainer worth the money?

Every week I pay a personal fitness trainer to coach me through strength training exercises. Here’s why this a wise long-term investment:

1) My trainer is invested in my success. He asks questions and is interested in my progress, my setbacks, my life in and outside of the gym. He delivers personalized coaching who understands what will work for me.

2) He’s a coach who keeps me accountable. He pushed me beyond my comfort zone. Working out alone I know I wouldn’t always do another set, or choose the heavier weights.

3) He keeps records. Every month We record off my weight and body measurements. This is really helpful to keep my weight fluctuation in check, my body image healthy and my expectations manageable.

4) He emphasizes proper nutrition. We talk about my eating and drinking habits and he reminds me when I’m eating too little protein or having a few too many glasses of wine.

5) He helps me focus on daily changes and consistent behaviour change. If you focus on results, you won’t see change. But if you focus on change, you will see results.

At the end of the day, there is no magic pill to keeping strong and looking fit. Regular physical activity must be a lifelong commitment.

You might be thinking why not just join a gym and save some money? True. But like anything else, there are always times when I will absolutely need someone to kick my behind to keep going. To do the 10 extra pushups. To remind me to eat my veggies instead of the plate of French fries.

We hope you think of HoneyMoneyMakers as your “money coach”. We will remind you to stick to your budget. To spend time learning to invest. To be courageous enough to go after your dreams.
For me, working with a trainer is a worthwhile investment in my health and not a luxury.

It certainly gives me a better rate of return than my daily pricey latte …

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