Imposter syndrome: Do you have it? (Time to shake it!)

Imposter syndrome: Do you have it? (Time to shake it!)

Why is it that so many of us feel like we don’t deserve the position we’re in, to be the entrepreneur that we are, or have the expertise that we possess? I have friends who are accomplished writers, lawyers, artists who have told me that one day they’re going to be found out that I’m not as good as they think I am. I am an imposter. Imposter syndrome is real. But you can shatter it too. Here’s one take on the imposter experience from a HoneyMoneyMaker contributor:

I try not to laugh, but as soon as I say the words “I got the management position”, I feel an awkward giggle creep out. And yet, when my friends have news of becoming VP’s or C Suite execs, I am never surprised that they would have achieved such roles.

So why is it that I feel like such an imposter with my new title upgrade? I think a large part of my awkward reaction is due to the fact that for the first time, I am stepping into a career that will require me to use some skill sets I have not yet mastered in any other role I’ve previously had, and part of me feels like I don’t deserve this opportunity. I’m not entirely sure where this unworthiness stems from but some amazing boss babes that I am fortunate of knowing, have shared that they often have started new roles, and companies, not knowing exactly what they were doing – but they are bright, eager to learn, and lean in. I’m learning that stepping up to bigger and better (often uncomfortable) challenges is the playground that growth plays in, and where you shed your old cocoon in order to fly.

Feeling more empowered, I am working towards harnessing this nervous energy into confidence as I head into this exciting next chapter of my career.

Lastly, I also have to remind myself that I DO deserve this, and my CEO agrees – that’s money, honey.

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