How do you recharge?

How do you recharge?

In our pursuit of success, wealth and overall life satisfaction, we often neglect that which powers us: our mind, body and soul. For me, travel helps me to recalibrate, renew and refresh. When I return from travelling, it’s like seeing everything with new eyes and my childlike sense of wonder is fulfilled.

I recently explored Spain, where I hiked mountains, enjoyed incredible meals and conversations, had the chance to have slow mornings and late enough nights to admire the stars. I had silent moments to reflect, and giggle sessions that warmed my heart. It was just what I needed to return to work with 💯 energy in all my batteries.

What is the one thing you do regularly to take care of yourself (and avoid burnout)? How do you nurture your self and your soul?

Share your secret with other HoneyMoneyMakers below. Here are a few from our crew:
• stay low-key
• go to bed early
• drink more water
• eat more plants
• workout
• paint
• dance
• play music
• hold a baby
• cook
• clean
• volunteer
• get a facial
• say no
• say yes
• seek silence
• play your favorite vinyl record
• pet a dog or cat

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