Honeys on Holmes: What’s the takeaway from the Theranos fallout?

Honeys on Holmes: What’s the takeaway from the Theranos fallout?

Who else has been captivated by Theranos and the rise and fall of its founder, Elizabeth Holmes? I’ve spent hours following the Wall Street Journal and Vanity Fair reporting turned book #badblood @hbo documentary #theinventor and podcast #thedropout .  I was left scratching my head trying to understand (a) how Holmes could deceive so many people for so long; and (b) why so many “powerful” people didn’t do due diligence before investing millions of dollars?

Tales like The Wizard of Oz and The Emperor’s New Clothes come to mind with this modern day story of deception, greed and quest for fame … Especially since it took two young whistleblowers (#ErikaCheung and #TylerShultz) to finally reveal that all the grandeur and glory of the mysterious black box was far from what was promised.

What can Honey Money Makers take away from Holmes’ fall from grace?

(No, it has nothing to do with her hair, makeup or fashion sense — focusing on those superficial aspects undermines all women, right?)

The greatest two lessons for me revolve around  integrity and failure.  While Holmes had vision, charm, courage, and boldness … she clearly was not in a state of being whole.

This lack of integrity was shown in how she failed.  She didn’t fail :100:. While Holmes boasted about her perseverance and the importance of failing 10,000 times in order to win at 10,001 …  she wasn’t being truthful about how deep the failures went. And this led to all the deceptions that followed, and the criminal allegations she now faces.

What do you think is the biggest lesson from Elizabeth Holmes’ downfall?

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