Here’s what the Raptors taught us

Here’s what the Raptors taught us

What do you do in face of adversity?

Do you despair? Give up? Resign? Panic? Or do you keep calm, step up, fight on, battle one obstacle at a time?

Let us take a lesson from the Toronto Raptors, the underdogs in the NBA Eastern Conference finals best of 7 series against the Milwalkee Bucks. Did you watch the game last night? It was sooooo exciting! Most people had the Bucks take the Series in 6. And it looked like that might well happen after the first 2 games, which the Raptors lost. Blown out. Raptors returned home and figured out what strategies and tactics needed to be changed, and the team executed and came up with a crucial double overtime Game 3 win. Their confidence grew, and won Game 4 as well. But the next game was not going to be easy as they were going back to Bucksland, where the Bucks had not lost 3 games in a row all season long. True to form, the Bucks roared to a fast start, and the Raptors found themselves down by double digits for a good chunk of the game. But the Raptors did not panic. They just kept grinding and grinding, until they came up with the win.

Then came last night. Game 6 at home. Everyone thought after winning three games in a row, the Raptors’ got this. Well, the Bucks did not read the same script, and dominated much of the game. The Raptors were down by 15 with 2 minutes to go in the third quarter. 15! That’s a big number, and with only 14 minutes left in the game. But again, the Raptors just stepped it up, stayed calm and sharp and continued to stick to their game plan. And when the final buzzer sounded, the Raptors were the Eastern Conference Champions.

Apart from having a blast watching this incredible game last night, I was stunned and inspired by the grit and toughness of thes athletes – the never give up, never say die attitude, and the mental fortitude and trust in their own abilities and plan. These qualities work not only in sport, but in life. The next time I feel overwhelmed by obstacles, failure or other disappointment, I shall remember how any adversity can be overcome. Grit. Toughness. Focus.

Now, let’s see what lessons the NBA finals will bring. Can’t wait.
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