Does money buy happiness? Yes … and no.

Does money buy happiness? Yes … and no.

What does money really buy you?

Let’s take a look at the popular notion that money can’t buy you happiness. Is that true? Apparently, yes, and no.

A World Gallop Poll found that people find optimal happiness when they make around US$75,000 a year. So if you were making less than that before, making a bit more would make you happier. It appears, however, that you can actually make too much money when it comes to happiness. A study out of Perdue University saw declines in emotional well-being and life satisfaction after the $95,000 mark. Can you believe it? (hmm…I’m not sure how many people they polled live in big cities like New York, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong or Tokyo)

Making $95,000 a year is a nice sum of money, but I bet those who make that sum still want to make more, even though it may not buy them more happiness. I actually think that most people always want to make more money, no matter how much they make.

So if making a lot of money could actually make us less happy, why do so many of us keep chasing more? That’s a good question, right?

For us, the answer is pretty simple. The HoneyMoneyMakers blog isn’t actually about money. We are about *freedom* – money is just the mechanism.

Freedom to pursue your passions, to take care of those you love the way you want, and the freedom to say no to anything or anyone that doesn’t value you.

And for women, it’s especially important. The gender wage gap is alive and well. Many women don’t feel like they have a choice to say no to work they shouldn’t be doing or situations they shouldn’t be in. No to unwanted advances. No to abusive partners or bosses.

That’s why we HoneyMoneyMakers exists. We want to be a force to help women realize their value, become financially independent, and find their way to freedom.

What can you do right now to increase your freedom?

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