Do you suffer from the Sunday Blues?

Do you suffer from the Sunday Blues?

Do you suffer from the Sunday Blues? Those slithering worries that creep up around brunch and then escalate into peak anxiety as the workweek starts to come into focus. Here are five HoneyMoneyMakers tips to face those Sunday Scaries and enter Monday like a true #shero :

  • Protect your free time on weekends. Even entrepreneurs and the self-employed must set boundaries on technology and catching up on our to-do lists. Psychological detachment (and spontaneous fun, connections with people, art, nature, creativity) is key to recover from your workweek, and return on Monday with more focus, drive and motivation.
  • If you must work, do so with set times and no distractions. Focus, get it done, and get busy enjoying the free time you’ve earned.
  • Write down your worries. What’s really bothering you? Is it someone or something at the office? A new project you want to pitch to investors? Your mounting debt? If that trigger is within your control – do something about it. If you need help figuring out what to do, reach out to a good friend or professional coach or counsellor. If it’s not within your control, how can you adjust your response to it so it’s not weighing you down?
  • Take care of your temple. Check your sleeping, eating and exercise habits? Are you drinking too much or sleeping too little? These patterns can affect our outlook on life, work and finances. Fill your tank with premium octane like enough sleep, lots of water and veggies, and regular heart pumping cardio, stretching or weight training.
  • Maybe those Sunday Blues are telling you something. Maybe you’re not in the right job or place professionally. Use your worry as a sign to ask deeper questions: where would you rather be? What would you rather be doing? And start taking steps towards your next chapter.

How do you make your Sundays work for you?

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