Buy the latte

Buy the latte

Just buy the f***ing latte, wrote @salliekrawcheck in @fastcompany recently.

Amen, we say! All this condescending talk about restricting our latte (or avocado toast or buying shoes) consumption shifts the conversation away from what really matters: the underlying (and often unspoken) systemic money challenges women face.

We’re talking about the #pinktax the #wagegap the #debtgap the #fundinggap the unpaid and unrecognized #domesticwork and #emotionallabor gap, the lack of women on #boards gap, the #investing gap, and other leadership gaps in entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering and finance.

Not only is this ‘stop the latte’ advice patronizing, but it’s also coming from a mindset of scarcity instead of a wealth, honey money making mindset. If we’re constantly focusing on what we can’t do, we’re not focusing on what we can do and how we can make more money.

So we at HoneyMoneyMakers encourage you to practise talking about money making in a positive, abundant way. What are some positive words to describe money? Freedom, support, options. What are some others?

Another exercise: Make a list of all the reasons why you deserve money. Add to that list how you being rich will benefit others. Tell us in comments!

In addition to supporting yourself, family and friends, you could buy all the lattes you damn well please. #lattefactor #bs #wagegap #pinktax

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