Budget wisdom 101: You don’t need a horoscope

Budget wisdom 101: You don’t need a horoscope

How many of you read your horoscope every day? Here’s one from horoscope.com on money this weekend.

“You’re feeling freer to take chances with your communication. This bears fruit when it comes to new job searches or efforts to shore up financial setbacks. You have more than one opportunity to earn more cash by taking on extra hours or part-time work. But aspects are shaking up your job sector in a way that you may find unpleasant. If your company seems unstable now, print those resumes and start sending them out.” 🤷🏽‍♂️💁‍♀️🙇It’s one thing to read our horoscope for entertainment reasons, but do some of us actually follow its advice?

Unfortunately, if we don’t have a good grasp on our budget, whether for our personal lives or for our business, we might as well submit to the wishes of the horoscope gods and pray that it will work out.

Well, HoneyMoneyMakers say instead of putting our fortune in the hands of astrology, let’s take charge and dig deep into the numbers: knowing your cashflow intimately can be the difference between feeling stressed from being in debt and feeling confident that you are spending on the right things for your business and on budget.

So fire up your spreadsheet and get to know your numbers like the back of your hand.  When I was in charge of doing the budget for my department, I always said, “Numbers don’t lie”. Numbers also tell of story. So by knowing your numbers well, you can write the story you want to tell.

Finally, here’s a plug for my friend @heykarenho, who pens the weekly newsletter called “Significant Digits” for the well-known analytics firm @FiveThirtyEight, where numbers can also give you something really interesting to talk about. Have a great week!

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