The secret to this Instagram influencer’s success

The secret to this Instagram influencer’s success

“I have this life because I put in the work when everyone else was tired”. Words from #travelblogger @veerabianca – who is living a blogger’s life full of #rich adventures. But “success” does not come easy. She kindly gave us permission to reproduce her post. Thank you Veera for being real ❤️ “When most people see the glory.  The incredible adventures around the world. Champagne on red carpet.  The opportunities that knock on the door.

Most forget it’s not a matter of luck, but of extremely hard work and sacrifices.  I’ve worked hard on this dream for as long as I can remember.  I’ve stayed up endless nights to edit photos (like last night), finish presentations or to update my blog.  I’ve missed out on time with friends and family – more than anyone should.  I’ve missed birthdays and weddings.

Already back in university, instead of going out, I worked at the airport and had to get up ‪at 2am‬ on weekends to walk 2 miles to the bus stop in -25C weather just to get to work for the morning flights.  It was inconvenient – but I had my mind set on it.

I’ve cried on the bathroom floor wanting to quit and feeling like I cannot handle it.  I’ve been told I suck.  I’ve been scared, pushed to the side and used – in all the ways a woman can be used.

I’ve taken on opportunities when I’ve had zero idea how to do something.  But that to me is the only way to learn.

So as another Monday comes knocking on the door. Let this be a reminder that behind any successful person you may admire is a ridiculous amount of work and sacrifices.  It’s not anything you can’t have, but consider carefully how much of yourself you are really ready to invest in a dream.  And if the answer is everything – go make this Monday your b*tch.”


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