Be yourself

Be yourself

Be yourself.

It’s one key to success that people I admire repeat over and over again.  Be yourself, just stay true to you. Well, who else am I going to be?  The answer has sometimes been, “I’m being who I think I should be, not who I am.” Without knowing it, we act out what we think we “should” be, but it always comes across as fake or false.  So for a while now I’ve just embraced my eccentricities. Stay weird, stay true.  Even if you’re the weirdest one in the room, those quirky vibes radiate authenticity and encourage others to shine their freak flag too. It also helps people to trust and respect you when they realize you aren’t putting on airs, and you’re confident in your own skin.

Of course, being yourself doesn’t mean being arrogant.  Humility, active listening and being open to ideas are also extremely important factors for success, of course, and we will be covering these every week. But today, we invite you to stop pretending, to stop saying “I should be like this” or “I must do this”, and instead accept, and celebrate who you are.

Stay weird. Stay true

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