Avoid the #1 financial regret shared by most women

Avoid the #1 financial regret shared by most women

Is a life like this in your future? If you’re a woman and you have financial goals like us (financial freedom), you have to take into consideration those factors unique to women and financial wellness: The wage gap; investment reluctance; career interruptions for parenting or caregiving – these can all affect your income (if you let them).

New @MerrillLynch research found that women’s number one financial regret is not investing more of their money.

You can still live a life without  this regret! What will you do this week to work towards your financial freedom?  Here’s one suggestion: make an appointment with your financial advisor, and ask how you can take into account your longer lifespan and unique planning needs.

The life you want is within your control if you are brave enough to take it #bebrave #noregrets

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