30 days of Instagram

30 days of Instagram

We’ve been live for 30 days. And it’s amazing the conversations that have started because of this feed.

At a recent birthday party, my girlfriends spent over an hour talking about different debt: what’s good debt, bad debt, motivating debt, suffocating debt. We’ve never talked about debt before!

At work, my male colleague asked me to keep him in mind too when researching and sharing stories because being uncomfortable around money is an all-gender phenomenon.

Pay equity trailblazer and Jimmy Choo co-founder @tamaramellon wrote to thank us for the love, which both astounded and encouraged us that we are on to something really good, and really right.

Once called the most powerful woman on #Wallstreet, Sallie Krawcheck, founder of @ellevest, also liked what we had to say. Wow – is all we can say.

And finally, my 72-year old mother asked if she and I could go over her retirement statements together.  My dear mom has been so apprehensive about her ability to manage investments for over 40 years that she’s left its management to “experts”. This blind faith to others was because years ago she decided that she’s “not good at money”. But that all changed. Her story changed. She changed her internal dialogue. Now, my mom is booking an in-person appointment with the financial advisor managing her portfolio and I’ve offered to be by her side so she doesn’t shy away from asking questions. She’s finally feeling entitled to explore this whole other world that she once deemed off limits.

Open, honest and brave conversations – that’s what’s happened in the first month here @honeymoneymakers. Oh, and we gave away a beautiful Cross pen and gathered 300+ followers.

We are so excited about what’s to come.

Thank you for joining us and let us know in the comments what you want us to cover in the next 30 and 300 days!

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